Thursday, October 2, 2014

Turnaround Times

This is something I get emailed about daily. All of my current turnaround times can be found in the Shop Announcement section, located at the top portion of my Etsy shop. PLEASE always read this before purchasing. 


  • Letters sets are taking about 7 weeks to ship out after time of purchase
  • Tutu outfits are taking 3 weeks to ship out after time of purchase
    • Currently not taking any more outfit orders due in the month of October.
  • Tutu dresses are taking 3 weeks to ship out after time of purchase
PLEASE only email me after these turnaround times are past. 

One misconception: A lot of people email me asking for updates on their items. It does not take me the 7 weeks or 3 weeks to actually make the item, it takes me that long to get to it. Therefore, please understand that I will not have an "update" for you if your turnaround time is not past due. I get tons of orders, and I complete them in the order in which they come in. So please plan accordingly to when you need your items. 

SHIPPING times can also be found in the Shop Announcement portion of my Etsy page. It breaks down all the times and different shipping options.

All of this info is very crucial to your order. So please take the time to read it. 

Thank you! XOXO

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Custom Letters

One of my most popular items, I would say, is my custom letters. Each letter is hand painted and created by me, specifically for YOU. Whether you want them to match a specific blanket, decor piece, theme, or sports team, I can make it happen! 

Each letter is made from wood, measures 9 inches tall, 1 inch thick, and has holes at the back for proper hanging. When I am done painting them, I finish them off with a clear, gloss coating to help protect the design and elongate color. 

Please visit the shop to view some letters themes listed, or contact me for a custom order.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Minky Blankets
Super soft and cozy blankets made specifically for you!
These will be limited this year , everyone! Be sure to get your hands on the perfect holiday gift for ANYONE who loves to cuddle up in the cold weather. 

There are over a ton of colors and patterns to pick from, the best way to do this is by you contacting me with what colors/patterns/characters you would like. I will then send you photos of the fabric and discuss more. 

This is an "Adult" size folded in half, on a Queen bed.

I will only be taking 5 blanket orders this month (Sept.) so please get your order in quickly.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Giveaway Time!

I haven't had the time for a giveaway in a while, so here we go (finally)!

What will the lucky winner get?

A custom Mia-Monroe tutu and matching headband!

How to enter:
1. Follow me on Instagram: @_Mia_Monroe
2. Repost the picture shown
3. hashtag #MiaMgiveaway
4. Subscribe to my blog (this page)

What subscribing to my blog does:
Subscribing/following my blog will allow you to receive updates on my shop such as: new items, giveaways, setbacks, and cool posts like Mommy of the Week (MOTWmonday)

When will it end?
The giveaway will go from today (Wednesday) until Friday night (Sept. 12). I will announce the winner on my Instagram page. 

If you are set to private on Instagram, I cannot see your post! Please take your privacy setting off until I announce the winner so I can see your entry. At the least, make sure not to be private on Friday while I pick the winner. 

USA only. Ages of children: 0-5yrs.

I hope you all enjoy and enter!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blog Feature

Blog Features

I was recently asked to do a blog interview/feature with the fabulous Allison Pants of A Little Blueberry, and (of course) it's a must read! I talk about how my shop began, and give a bit of advice, as well! So click that link and take a look!

"If you have a great passion for something (anything!) please don't put it on the back burner - pursue it! Don't be afraid. Yes, everything may not work out, but it just as well may. You never know until you try it. Just because you are a mom, doesn't mean your dreams are over. You can still do anything and everything you love!" -Quote of mine from the interview 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tutu Dresses

The Frozen Tutu Dress!

The new Queen Elsa from Frozen themed tutu dress is now available in my shop! Like all of my tutus and tutu dresses, it is made with endless amounts of material to ensure a beautiful, full bottom. This dress is a Tiffany Blue color with tons of little, clear gems along the bottom. Topped off with a white sash that has a big, silver snowflake in the center with clear gems along the sides. 

Bridal Tutu Dresses

Aside from birthday outfits, I can also create bridal themed tutu dresses, as well! How adorable would your little flower girl look walking down the aisle in a beautiful, full tutu dress? 

|As always, custom orders are ALWAYS welcomed. If you would like a different tutu dress, please feel free to contact me.|

Go check it out in the shop, now! Just click the link under the banner. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dr. Suess Toms

Hand Painted Toms?

If I can paint on it, I probably will! Check out my most recent work on a pair of Toms. They have a blue background with a Dr. Seuss theme. The characters I included are: The Lorax, Horton, Red Fish, Blue Fish, The grinch, and Thing 1 & Thing 2. And, the backs of each shoe have red and white stripes, mimicking the Cat in the Hat's hat pattern and texture look. 

I can do just about any theme you want! Yes, even sports. I only create custom Toms when asked, though. So please contact me if you would like your very own pair! 
(You can see past styles on my Instagram: @_mia_monroe)

Adult Sizes: $90-$100
Child Sizes: $70-$80

|Turnaround times on these items are about 6 weeks from purchase right now|

Don't forget to subscribe & keep up with all these awesome items!